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FDPM Fellows


Ahmed Alsaleh - Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning

Ahmed is a General Engineer and an Urban Planner at the Ministry of Work’s Central Planning Office. He is involved in planning Bahrain’s infrastructure network, including water, electricity, sewerage, telecom and roads.

Ahmed is a Fulbright scholarship alumni who holds a Masters in City and Metropolitan Planning from the University of Utah. Ahmed completed a second Master’s degree in Business Administration at DePaul University and a Bachelors in Engineering at Cardiff University.

Ahmed is a member of the Bahrain Society of Civil Engineers, Arab Engineering Federation and American Planning Association. His interests include sustainable development, transportation and renewable energy.


Ahmed Humaidan - Central Bank of Bahrain

Ahmed has a B.Sc. in Banking and Finance from University College of Bahrain, and is a Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA), Certified Islamic Professional Accountant (CIPA), and holds an International Diploma in Compliance (ICA-IDC). As a current employee in the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), Ahmed has developed his skills and knowledge pertaining to his role as a Superintendent over research and investor protection within the Capital Markets Directorate.

Ahmed is tasked with ensuring the efficiency and transparency of Bahrain’s capital market by upholding international standards, protecting investors and enhancing Bahrain’s reputation as a regional financial hub. Ahmed delivered tangible improvements to the CBB including the implementation of the disclosure standards rules and the corporate governance requirements for public shareholding companies. He is also an official representative for the CBB in the Cooperation Council for the Gulf Arab Countries (GCC). Ahmed has a profound knowledge of the CBB rules and regulations, disclosure standards, corporate governance, commercial company laws, International Accounting/Auditing Standards (IFRS/ISA), internal controls, securities market regulations, investor relations, as well as private and public equity.

Ahmed is competitive and is interested in exploring new challenges and activities. His interests include kart racing, gardening, farming, fishing, bird breeding, and enjoys watching classical theater and movies.


Ali Khalifa AlSaad - Bahrain Teachers College

Ali works for the Bahrain Teachers College, as an Instructor at the Teaching Practice Department. He previously was part of the National Qualifications Framework Unit, which operates under the umbrella of the National Authority for Qualifications and Quality Assurance of Education and Training, an entity in charge with ensuring the relevance of qualifications to the changes in demand with the labor market.

Ali studied at the University of Auckland in New Zealand after receiving a scholarship from the Ministry of Education, and graduated with a double major in Education and Organizational Studies. He continued his studies to attain his Master’s degree in Education, specialized in assessing and evaluating the role of educational leaders in sustaining educational reforms.

Ali is interested in educational leadership and the means of sustaining educational reforms across educational institutes ranging from government, university, and schools. He is interested in a variety of sports including football, boxing and running.


Bader Alduaini - Ministry of Interior

Bader is a First Lieutenant representing the Office of the Chief of Public Security within Bahrain’s Ministry of Interior. His Responsibilities include monitoring the performance of subordinates, developing research, and assisting in policy evaluation and decision-making. He was twice part of the Government of Bahrain’s delegation to Geneva on the sideline of the UN Human Rights Council meetings.

Bader has received training in leadership and public policy. He participated along with police commanders from 7 other countries in the International Commanders Program at the College of Policing in the UK. Bader also represented Bahrain in the European Training Course in Security Policy, where he had the opportunity to learn about European security policies and interact directly with senior European policy makers.

Bader holds two MSc in public administration and criminal justice from Florida International University, and a Bachelors in Business Administration from the Military College of South Carolina, the Citadel. He also has a professional certificate in Management from Chartered Management Institute.

Bader is a recipient of the prestigious Who’s Who among American Universities and Colleges award for his diverse service to community and school during his time at the Citadel. Bader enjoys skiing, playing tennis, and travelling.


Danah AlMajed - Labour Market Regulatory Authority

Danah received a Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of Sydney in 2014. After graduating, she began working as an analyst in the Research Department at the Labor Market Regulatory Authority. Her work mainly consists of analyzing data related to the entry, exit, and mobility of foreign workers within the Kingdom of Bahrain. Her work also includes identifying trends that point out issues for Bahrain’s labor market, in order to address them suitably with appropriate policy changes.

diana sarhan

Diana Sarhan - Secretariat General of the Higher Education Council

Diana is currently the Senior Academic Accreditation Specialist at the Secretariat General of the Higher Education Council. She is part of the team leading higher educational reform within the Kingdom, through developing a 10 year strategy to improve Bahrain’s educational standards, and standing within the GCC. Diana is also part of a team responsible for the Kingdom’s first national research strategy. Diana took lead on the development of Bahrain's first professional development framework for faculty members, working with the Higher Education Academy UK to develop standards on skill development of faculty members which aims at raising the quality of teaching standards at universities. She was Responsible for several capacity building events, including working with organizations and institutes such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the British Council, University of Texas , and Queen Margaret University . She is also the Co-Author of the first student guide to higher education and the Higher Education Council's 2013 annual report.

Diana has over 12 years of work experience. She has excellent time management and organizational skills and is an excellent motivator.


Faisal Abduljalil Ali Alhayki - Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning

Faisal holds an MSc in International Construction Management and Engineering, and a BSc in Civil & Structural Engineering from the University of Leeds, UK. His postgraduate thesis focused on the reasons for the limitation of project success in specific fields in Bahrain’s construction sector, with emphasis on environmental and external factors.

Faisal has been employed by the Ministry of Work since May 2013, and is currently pursuing a career in road construction management in the Roads Projects and Maintenance Directorate. He has experience in the field of cost, material, and design engineering for domestic road projects, and has completed an in depth study of the required improvements for pavement design in asphalt based concrete. His responsibilities include liaising with contractors on scheduling, material testing, cost management, and follow up.

His hobbies include CrossFit, diving, and horse riding. Faisal has an interest in the Far East, specifically the Japanese culture, where he has spent a considerable time learning the social norms, literature, and history of the country.


Sh Hamad Bin Faisal Al-Khalifa - Ministry of Housing

Hamad is a dynamic and self-motivated young professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the New York Institute of Technology. He currently works for the Ministry of Housing (MOH) as a Financial Resource Specialist within the Finance department.

Hamad joined the Ministry of Housing in 2013, where he was initially hired to work strictly on budgeting and co-managing the ministry’s recurrent budget, this includes, preforming budgetary reports for management, purchase order analysis, and coordinating pre-budget approvals with the Ministry of Finance. Additionally, Hamad acts as support for the MOH’s Finance Department, and helps prepare cash flows in the ministry’s project budget and maintaining the purchasing sections expenditure.

In the first Quarter of 2014, Hamad undertook additional responsibilities, as the ministry introduced a new housing scheme and named it the “Social Housing Financing Scheme”, which had a financial aspect that was added to the work stream of the finance department. His additional responsibilities include issuing financial forms, compiling paper works, coordinating with all the banks involved, following up on financial problems accordingly and acting as an unofficial relationship manager for complaints, whether financial or otherwise.

Hamad’s interests include reading, fitness, football, traveling and enjoys socializing.


Layla Sultan - Economic Development Board

Layla is currently working for the Purchasing Department at the Economic Development Board. She has previously worked at various industries including banking, education and reinsurance. After graduating from the University of Bangor, Wales with a BSc in Banking and Finance, Layla started her career as an intern for Citibank. Her interest in teaching led her to join the British School of Bahrain as a Learning Assistant, and a student teacher for the infants’ school from 2012 to 2013. Layla is also passionate about English Literature and Drama, which is why she decided to join the Bahrain School of Speech and Dramatic Arts (BSSDA) in Association with St. Christopher’s School and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) and gained certificates in Drama and Speaking Verse & Prose. With her LAMDA qualification, Layla also works as a part-time Drama instructor at BSSDA, where she prepares students (ages 10-13) for their external LAMDA examinations. From 2013 to 2014, Layla worked at Trust Reinsurance within the Claims Department, giving her a substantial understanding of the insurance and reinsurance industry. As a current fellow of the First Deputy Prime Minister's Office, Layla is now committed to her role in contributing to the government sector, as well as the local community.


Mohamed Raed AlSalah – Ministry of Finance

Mohamed is working at the Ministry of Finance (MOF) as a senior internal auditor. He participated in one of the MOF’s most comprehensive risk assessment projects, and was a member of its first Occupational Health and Safety Committee, helping to issue recommendations to improve health and safety measures at the ministry. Mohamed’s tasks include following up on audit reports pertaining to MOF and other entities falling under the ministry’s umbrella. He also performs technical evaluations of proposals prepared by audit firms for internal audit assignments requested by various government entities. He also assists several ministries in conducting special audit assignments. Before joining MOF, Mohamed worked at KPMG, where he participated in external audit engagements for clients in the oil and gas, banking, insurance and aviation sectors.

Mohamed earned a Bachelors in Accounting and Finance from the University of Exeter in the UK. He also completed a Masters in Islamic Finance from Durham University, UK. He holds two qualifications from the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation and the Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA).

Mohamed is a firm believer in adding value to society. Mohamed worked as a part-time lecturer at UOB, teaching Financial Accounting to a group of students for one semester. He enjoys watching and playing tennis.


Mohamed Al-Shaaban - Ministry of Health

Mohammed is an MD and has worked as a surgical resident at the Ministry of Health for three years. He also holds an MS in journalism from Columbia in New York after receiving the Fulbright Scholarship in 2012. Mohamed also serves as a part-time broadcast journalist at the national radio and television station since 2006. During his time in the states, he worked as a foreign correspondent with the Associated Press and interned at the UN's media office. Mohamed has won two regional awards for his scientific research on Cardiac Hypertrophy, which he presented as his graduation project for his BSc of Medical Research from the University of Manitoba. Mohamed has an interest in politics, history, and filmmaking. He aspires to combine both his passions of Medicine and Journalism to tap into the realm of health policy for the better of health services in the Kingdom.


Noor Hafedh Ebrahim BuAli - National Audit Office

Noor holds a BS in Business Administration, with a concentration in Accounting from the University College of Bahrain. She is also CPA certified.

A professional in the field of external audit, Noor spent the last 7 years working with the National Audit Office (NAO), and Ernst and Young Bahrain. Through her experience at work, she has gained a full understanding of audit methodologies and concepts, and developed various audit reports. Her work involves producing annual financial & performance audits, quarterly reviews, prudential information returns, public disclosures and anti-money laundering reports.

Noor’s experience and skills include strong analytical and problem solving techniques, client relationship management, and project management. She has also attended multiple audit-related courses and soft skills courses.

Noor has one daughter, and enjoys spending time with her family. She enjoys reading Arabic literature, writing poetry, and traveling.


Talal Aref Al Araifi - Central Bank of Bahrain

Talal has BA in Finance and Investment Management from the Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University, and an HEFC in Business Administration and Management from Newcastle College. Talal was a founding member of Northumbria’s Finance Society and responsible for organizing Lectures, Courses, Trips, meetings.

He is currently employed by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), and is pursuing a career in Compliance, Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism. At the CBB, he is responsible for leading onsite AML/CFT compliance examinations to assess the CBB licensee’s compliance with AML/CFT regulatory requirements. He also analyzes suspicious transactions and fraudulent cases, monitoring the implementation of UN sanction resolutions, assists in the preparation of Bahrain’s mutual evaluation follow up reports, and represents the CBB and Bahrain in Mena-Fatf meetings.

Talal is a qualified compliance officer, having completed his International Diploma in Compliance. He has also completed a number of training programs, most importantly, the Mena-Fatf Mutual Evaluation Assessors Training, the National Risk Assessment training conducted by the FATF - Asia Pacific Group and the Advanced AML/CFT Financial Regulatory Training conducted by the US Federal Deposit Insurance Association.

Talal has a passion for art, fishing and water sports. He also is a food fanatic and an advocate for promoting and maintaining Bahrain’s culture and heritage.